China Passenger Elevator

China Passenger Elevator

It Provides real-time monitoring of sliding data and can automatically enter the safe operation mode for emergency according to requirements.



Passenger elevator,home elevator,residential elevator,lift,Hydraulic elevator

Villa elevator

small machine room passenger elevator

Safe,Energy Conservation,Environmental Protection,Comfort

Features :

1)Saving up to 50% area of machine room

To save space,expand the building larger space utilization rate and make room area is achieved and the well area is exactly the same.

2)Saving up to 40% energy with the realization of elevator mainframe maintenance free.


1)Control  system: Highly  intergrated  intrellectual  control  system

*up to 6.0m/s,up to 48 layers stations,up to 8 elevator group control.

*Best running curve

*High effect elevator vector inverter

2)Permanent magnetic synchronous gearless traction machine,

with a low-carbon energy ,less space,low construction costs,operating costs and low lift characteristics.Easy to achieve a traction machine maintenance requirements.

3)VVVF door operation system,the switching speed can be adjustable 

4)Waterproof infrared light curtain

5)Competitive price

6)Easy to be installed

Many spare parts of elevator will be assembled before leaving the factory. That means it is easier to install our passenger elevator than other companies and costs less.

Braking Force Self-Detecting and Monitoring Function

It can test the braking force regularly,and prevent serious accidents from happening by prompting failure and stopping elevator from running.

Traction Rope Slide Detection

It Provides real-time monitoring of sliding data and can automatically enter the safe operation mode for emergency  according to requirements.

Safety Light Curtain

It can make a sensitive a sensitive response to people or objects in the detection area,the design is more thoughtful,and provides more thoughtful protection.



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